Ledy brings over twelve years industry expertise in information management, specializing in unstructured content. She spent most of her career in oil and gas company. Prior to that Ledy was involved in many project across various industry e.g. banking, healthcare and manufacturing. Her primary role is to oversee company’s data and records. Build an integrated and comprehensive solution, align business requirement with system capability, development of concept, strategy and procedures to enable predetermined and structured system.

Her work aim to improve business processes by properly identifying business & user requirements, defined and prioritize performance gaps, analyze alternate solutions, design functional and technical solutions with scalable architecture and define workflow.

Ledy also provide a high level summary of project cost, project schedule, risk assessment, technical design and system configuration. She has been working with various business unit around the world including but not limited to Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Canada and United States.


Ludfi is a technology expert that is always passionate on the latest emerging solution and yet have discipline principal that he learned from fifteen years experience in information technology world.

He has in depth knowledge of network and infrastructure configuration that allow an efficient and optimum performance result. His experience includes but not limited to Linux and Windows server environment administration, VMware and Hyper-V virtualization, enterprise storage and server, backup and disaster recovery, domain technical software such as Geology and Geophysics, Drilling and Completion, Enterprise Content Management, et al.

Ludfi are known for his excellent personal and professional character; resolving a challenge with expertise, integrity, and proper justification yet present his work in very calm, timely and proportional manner. He also consider values of customer service in respond to his work deliverable, resulting in a high adoption rate and a successful project.
He spent most of his career as a Project Manager in various industry and successfully delivered critical projects. The past ten years Ludfi work in an international oil and gas company, he concurrently manage and coordinate IT support team whereas his area of service include Indonesia, Kuala Lumpur, Vietnam and United States.